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CEO Blog 16-17

Issue 27

This week features Respect, values and pressures on young players


Respect coming to Bottisham

We have launched this week details of a Respect tournament which will take place at the new 3G pitch at Bottisham Village College just outside Cambridge.

This is important for Cambs FA for a number of reasons. The 3G pitch, which is due to open next month, is the first facility project in which we will be a partner. This offers the opportunity to grow and develop the game in line with our own values. The opening event, a tournament designed to encourage participation but also to ensure the game is played in the right way, is a great example of this.
CFA Wallart

Talking of values, we wanted to do something to demonstrate what underpins our work and how we want to operate, and in turn, how we would like to be perceived. So the next time you visit our HQ reception you will see our logo transformed with imagery of our values and goals.

Values driven partnerships

It was worth noting that The FA is considering its position in relation to sponsorship from alcohol and gambling firms.

I think this is right, and if Governing Bodies are to be genuinely true to their values, this type of leadership and integrity is what is needed to promote the best that the game can offer.

Big wages and young players

Gareth Southgate has talked about how big money early in a player’s career can inhibit their development, and add further pressure to what is already a hugely pressurized environment.

It’s hard to know whether the money directly has this effect, but what is clear is that the number of young home grown players making it into Premier League first teams is at an all-time low. I like the idea of testing this by potentially limiting income by placing a proportion of it in trust. It must be hard for the average professional footballer at say 19 to keep their feet on the ground.

I wonder whether it comes down to values again. This relates to the individual concerned, their club and critically the support network around them. Marcus Rashford is a great example of how it can work.  His desire to progress and improve, his commitment to hard work and to do his talking on the pitch make him a perfect role model for other young players aspiring to get to the top.

Until next time.