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CEO Blog 16-17

Issue 30

This week features Cambs FA reform, IFAB's 'Fair Play' and good news from The FA

Cambridgeshire FA

Good governance- phase 2

I often smile when people ask what line of business I’m in, and when I tell them, they’ll always say ‘well you must be having a nice quiet time during the summer months’. Not a bit of it of course. It’s the busiest time of the year, not least due to the series of Annual General Meetings that take place to get through any rule changes to improve the game for the coming season.

Following the FA’s break though in delivering governance reform to achieve the previously undeliverable dual outcomes of i) getting reform through its Council and ii) satisfying government & Sport England, Cambridgeshire FA has quietly been delivering its own version of reform to transform both the structure and representation of its Council and Committees.

Our own Annual General Meeting took place this week, and it was an excellent meeting on many fronts. The most important aspect was that our members ratified the move to re-structure our committees, and in doing so to allow for greater involvement and integration of independent members in our work.

So next season we’ll have a new Committee dedicated to Volunteer Support, as well as a new group focussing on Adult 11v11 football. These will sit alongside heavily reformed County League & Cups Management Committee and Referees’ Committee.

The common thread through all of these will be independent volunteer involvement. To date we have received over 20 people express an interest in getting involved as part of our recruitment drive. This is great news, and I’m looking forward to hearing new ideas to help find better ways of delivering our strategy. The latest progress report can be downloaded here:

Play Fair says IFAB

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has produced a document to explore ideas to transform the game and eradicate many of the issues that currently affect it:

Of the most controversial topics in ‘Play Fair’ is the proposal for 60 minute matches. It’s certainly an eye opener to hear that the ‘ball in play’ time during Premier League games last season ranged between 52 and 58 minutes.

The document also calls for greater use of technology, dealing with the issue of player encroachment in the penalty area when a penalty kick is taken and allowing players to take and receive a free kick. I was also struck by the idea to amend the order of kicks taken in a penalty shoot-out, making it more like a tennis tie break, overcoming the supposed advantage of teams going first.

It’s well worth a read. It will be interesting to see how and what comes in, and from our point of view, how it would affect the grassroots of the game.

The FA - For Grenfell

Positive moves by The FA

There was more positive leadership from Wembley this week as The FA’s Board announced that it would be ceasing its commercial partnership with betting companies.

In addition, it has just been announced that the proceeds from the FA Community Shield will go to the victims of the Grenfell fire tragedy.

Until next time.