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Issue 10

This week features The FA People's Cup countdown, the latest Premier League TV deal & showing racism the red card 

Cambs FA announces reforms to transform its Council 

It’s been a big week for the future of the Council of the Cambridgeshire FA, as reforms designed to transform the membership of Council to better reflect and represent football in the county were approved.

I am delighted that our existing Council has supported the proposals to widen representation. The Council Review was begun in 2015 and in that time we have overhauled the way in which meetings are held to focus on finding solutions to improve the game. The work of Council is fully in line with our wider strategy, and having recently reported on our performance to The FA, all of the signs are that the process is working. 

The final piece of the jigsaw is to elect new members and by moving from District and League Representatives to a process where formats & categories of football have elected representatives, we’re moving forward so that more stakeholders in our county have a clear voice and role to play in how the game is run.

We’re not quite there yet, as the reforms will need to be ratified at an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) in March, and the process of attracting and electing new members will begin in April.

The following formats and categories will form the basis for elected members:

- Mini Soccer

- Youth Male

- Adult Male

- Youth Female

- Adult Female

- Disability

These reforms are integral to the Cambridgeshire FA’s desire to achieve the Sport England Code of Governance, but for now, the hard work begins to plan for the new elections and to attract new members to help steer the future of the game locally. 

Jimmy and Cyrille

Saying goodbye to Jimmy and Cyrille

We’ve lost 2 of our greats in recent weeks in Jimmy Armfield and Cyrille Regis. The celebration of Cyrille’s life was held this week, and it looked a fitting, moving and special tribute to one of the game’s pioneers:

As a very young Forest supporter back in 1978, I was lucky enough to see Regis’ WBA side in full swing. My team were on a fairy tale ride back then, moving from the second tier after scraping promotion to the top division and were on a run that made them seemingly unbeatable. We travelled to The Hawthorns fully expecting to beat Albion and progress to the semi-finals of The FA Cup, having already secured a place in the League Cup Final and were well on the way to winning the League Championship. 

There was a clip of Cyrille scoring in that 6th Round tie on the 10 o’clock news, and memories came flooding back of seeing the game live. If you didn’t see it, have a look on You Tube, as the game was featured on Match of the Day:

As well as remembering what a top side Albion were, Cyrille’s impact in that game stood out. His pace, power and finishing was breath-taking. 

Much has been said about his role, as well as that of Brendan Batson, Laurie Cunningham and Viv Anderson, all of whom featured in that game, in paving the way for future black players. Above all these were great players, and in Cyrille we have lost a truly great man.

Until next time.