It is the County FA's responsibility to administer the Rules and Regulations of The FA to ensure good discipline and fair play throughout grass roots football.

All leagues are now subject to Match Based Discipline (as opposed to time-based suspensions), which provides a fairer system of sanctions in all levels of the game.


Please click here to see a summary of Regulation Changes that will impact Step 5 and below from next season.


Club Secretaries

This means that you must always notify the County FA of the fixtures on which players will serve their suspensions. This is an important responsibility because errors can cause confusion over whether players are playing illegally!  And please also remember to notify fixture changes (e.g. due to postponements) which affect the end-dates of suspensions.  Simply email changes to discipline@cambridgeshirefa.com  or enter the matches online in your Whole Game System Portal https://wholegame.thefa.com

It is also your responsibility to check whether a player is suspended before he plays for your club.  This is especially important at the beginning of the season, when you may have new players, and also when you acquire players on transfer.  Check against the Player Suspension List below.


Discipline Correspondence Online - Whole Game System

You have the choice of administering your club's disciplinary correspondence online or by paper. Please see the document below for guidance regarding discipline correspondence online.

You have the choice of administering your club's disciplinary correspondence online or by paper. Please see the document below for guidance regarding discipline correspondence online.

ONLINE is via the Whole Game System, which you access through a portal at https://wholegame.thefa.com  You will NOT receive any paperwork, so you must check your portal regularly because you have a limited time to respond (just like the paper system).  Contact us if you want to switch from 'Paper' to 'Online'.

PAPER is the existing system, so if you want to continue receiving discipline notifications through the post, do nothing.  Letters will continue as soon as possible after an offence is notified by a referee.

The FA Disciplinary Handbook 2017-18 is an online publication available HERE.  It contains a wealth of resources and videos to help you understand the system and processes.

For further information, see also the FA Governance page on this site, also accessible via the home page.

See pages 91-141 of the Cambridgeshire FA Handbook for full details of the FA Disciplinary Rules & Regulations

When an individual or club is charged with Misconduct, their case is heard by a Disciplinary Commission at a hearing.  The individual or club has the choice of either attending, or having the case heard in their absence.  If the case is proved, then the Commission will consider imposing a sanction by reference to the FA Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines (see Documents below).

You can pay your Discipline fines/fees any way you choose:-
i.   ONLINE via your Whole Game System portal at https://wholegame.thefa.com
ii.  ONLINE via BACS
iii. ONLINE using a payment card at http://eventspace.thefa.com/cambridgeshirefa/onlinepayments
iv. OFFLINE using a payment card by telephone to 01223 209022 or 209028
v.  OFFLINE via post by cheque
vi. OFFLINE by visiting the Cambridgeshire FA office

Please see below for a list of players suspended at the start of season 2016-17.  This includes:-
    i.)   Players with a suspension carrying over from season 2015-16 to 2016-17 (they appear here if their suspension games have not all been notified by their club); and
    ii.)  Players with a 'sine die' suspension (most of these will be due to debts owing to a club, a league, or a county FA).  As always, if you are in any doubt about any individual's suspension, please contact us.

Click HERE for guides to personal hearings for clubs & players, match officials and witnesses.

We are here to help you, not to trip you up.  If you have any queries about offences or suspensions please contact our Disciplinary Dept on 01223 209021 or 209022 or discipline@cambridgeshirefa.com

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