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It doesn’t matter which age you are coaching or what level you are coaching at, every coach wants to make a difference.

 Coach 2 Coach

Children are impressionable and look to their coach for a good role model and sport can help keep children on the right track. It’s a big responsibility for the coach to learn how to communicate in a positive way, understand how each of their players learns in a different way and put that into practise during training and match days. Training sessions can sometimes seem disjointed or socially heavy and match days daunting with excitable children. Coach 2 Coach will offer you tips to combat this and other coaches from around the county will be on hand to offer advice.

Adults also need to be coached by someone with the ability and knowledge to make a difference, the skills to motivate and a passion for the game. Coach 2 Coach will offer advice for coaches of adult teams, supply training sessions to encourage good practice and offer an alternative to training matches.

Coach 2 Coach will enable you to discuss topics and share information with other coaches on our Coaches' Noticeboard and every month Cambridgeshire FA will share a different training session for a specific age group. Documents from Cambridgeshire FA Coaches’ Club events will also be available to view and the information from the FA Regional Coach Development Managers, Keith Webb and Jamie Godbold, will be added to the website after each event.

If you would like any more information please email or call 01223 209037.

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 If you would like to discuss any coaching topics or ask any coaching related questions, you can post them here on our Coaches Notice Board

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