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New online safeguarding course for key club officials

The FA has developed an Online Safeguarding course designed specifically for key club officials (namely club secretary, chair and welfare officer). The course includes:

  • a reflection on what makes an effective club committee
  • a consideration of the role of the committee in protecting children
  • advice on how to build a safe club
  • advice on how to recognise and report harm and abuse

The course, which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is completely free of charge, can be accessed through the following link On completing the course you will be able to download a certificate to demonstrate successful completion. A number of assets are being made available to help you access and complete the course including an extensive guidance note which you can find here and a short e-learning resource which you can find here.

To provide a consistent level of understanding across all youth clubs, it has been decided that successful completion of the course every three years by club secretaries, club chairs and club welfare officers will be a mandatory requirement of the annual club affiliation process. Other club officials, such as treasurers may also access the course although for them it is entirely optional at this stage.

Further information about safeguarding can be find here.

For more information contact:
Diane Bradshaw

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