Guidance and Reporting

Match Officials have a duty to report all forms of misconduct to the Football Association.


Whenever a Referee cautions or dismisses a player from the Field of Play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, he/she shall prepare a report of the incident or incidents.   These reports must be received by the county FA within 2 days of the match (Sunday not included).   There has been considerable change in the manner in which match officials can report misconduct on the field of play.  There are now three ways in which you can submit reports:-

1.  Via Whole Game System
Go to  and log in using your FAN number and password
For guidance, go to 
If you have access to an online computer please use this method.

2.  Via Email
If you cannot access the Whole Game System, please use the appropriate Excel template from the Documents section below and email it to  or – where the team being reported is from another county, then to  or or whichever county FA is appropriate.  You will always  receive an email acknowledgement from a county FA.  If you don’t receive the acknowledgement, then the county FA has not received your report.

3.  Via First Class Post
If you cannot get online, then please use the Paper Copy template from the Documents section below and post it to the Discipline Department of the appropriate county FA.  Please keep a copy for your records.  You will not receive an acknowledgement.


Assistant Referees

Neutral Assistant Referees shall, where the referee has dismissed a player from the Field of Play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, prepare and submit a report in a similar fashion as the match referee. A record should be kept of cautions issued in case the County FA requires the Assistant Referee to submit a report.


Personal Hearings

Referees and Neutral Assistant Referees must attend Personal Hearings when required so to do. If a Referee or Assistant Referee fails to attend he/she shall be reported to the County FA Referees' Committee. Any referee having accepted a request to attend a Personal Hearing is then required to close the date with all appropriate Competitions.


Misconduct Reports – Practical Advice for Match Officials

Make sure your misconduct reports are the best they can be!  Grab the Misconduct e-Handbook, a 40-page guide full of practical advice including downloads and videos, from The FA’s website here.

What happens if I still have a problem relating to misconduct?
In the first instance contact Colin Hills on 01223 209022 or

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