Cambridgeshire FA through Bluefin Sports insurance offers a personal accident insurance specifically created to meet the requirements of both referees and assessors.

When does cover apply?

Once purchased the policies operate whilst at any ground or premises within the United Kingdom where there is an agreed county affiliated fixture, organised training or association meeting and includes travelling directly to and from such activities.

Who is covered?

The policy automatically includes:

• Registered referees

• Registered assessors

• Society members


What are the benefits?

Details of the benefits can be found overleaf. This scheme operates from a set period each year - 1 July to 30 June inclusive. The premium and expiry date remain the same regardless of when you join the scheme. Premiums stated include Insurance Premium Tax at 6% and is based on 12 months cover.


What are the exclusions?

  • Being a professional referee or coach.
  • Suicide or deliberate self harm.
  • Claims as a direct result of an insured person being a member of the armed forces.
  • Any claim attributable either to arthritic or other degenerative conditions in joints, bones, muscles, tendons or ligaments.
  • Repetitive stress (strain) injury or syndrome.
  • lnfluence of alcohol, solvents, drugs or medication unless prescribed.
  • Sickness or disease.
  • Naturally occurring condition or gradually operating cause.
  • Engaging in a criminal act, riot or civil comotion.
  • Temporary total disablement if the insured person has no paid usual occupation or if the insured persons’ usual occupation is as a referee or assessor.

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