Cambridgeshire FA

Council Review

Thank you to all of the clubs, 42 in total, that voted in the Emergency General Meeting last week (19/3/18).

The proposals to reform how the Cambridgeshire FA elects its Council Representatives were approved unanimously by you.

Confirmation of this can be found in the minutes of the meeting and the details in the paper that accompany them.

What are the changes?

As a brief reminder the changes are as follows:

The following formats and categories will form the basis for elected Council members:

  • Mini Soccer
  • Youth Male
  • Adult Male
  • Youth Female
  • Adult Female
  • Disability

In addition there will be representatives elected from coaching, facilities and the business or health community.

Nominating for the new Council Representatives

We now begin the process of seeking nominations to fill these roles. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please have a look at the information pack consisting of a Nomination Form, a Description of Role of Council Member, and our latest CFA Strategy report to give an idea of the areas of our work.

Please do have a read and then make that nomination. This is your opportunity to get involved in how our national game is delivered in Cambridgeshire.

What categories can my club nominate for?

If you’re either from a club or league or nominating someone from a club or league, please remember that you can put forward (and later vote) for a representative in the formats of football which your club plays.

So if you are a larger club with for example boys Mini Soccer and Youth teams, girls Youth teams and an adult team, you can nominate in each of these categories. Smaller clubs with one or more adult male team(s) can only nominate in the adult category.

How do I nominate?

You can nominate for the format roles by submitting the nomination form to

We will confirm back your eligibility to nominate in this category, thereby acknowledging your nomination, within 3 working days.

We will seek applications for the specialist roles of facilities and business/ health roles by advertising them on our website to carry out a selection process.

Who could I nominate?

Anyone with a formal role or someone associated with a club or league could be nominated for one of the format roles (Mini Soccer, Youth Male, Adult Male, Youth Female, Adult Female, Disability, Small Sided (e.g. 5 a side, Futsal) and Recreational (e.g. Walking, Turn Up & Play)

Voting to elect your Council

Clubs will receive, by email, a list of candidates with a brief description of their skills and experience after the 23rd April.

All votes will be submitted online.

For information on applying to become  Facilities Council Representative click here

To help enable good governance within Cambridgeshire FA we have a Council Review group. They are in place to help drive change

Please see documents below for minutes from their meetings this season