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Cambridgeshire County FA are here to support our referees in achieving their aspirations within refereeing. Whether this be to become a County Level Referee or to officiate on the professional stage. The County FA are responsible for promotion from Level 7 - 6, Level 6 - 5 and Level 5 - 4 on the male pathway and Level 4W - 3W and Level 3W - 2W on the female pathway.

The promotion scheme for 2021/2022 operates from 1st June 2021 to 30th April 2022

If you wish to apply for promotion, please view the promotion criteria below.

Note: To be promoted, all applicants must have met the criteria by officiating adult football.

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Promotion FAQs

If you wish to become a Level 6 referee you must have refereed a minimum of 20 matches before being eligible to apply for promotion. 
You need to inform the Referees' Officer in writing of your intentions before 1st March prior to the following season.

What happens after that?
You will be invited to a Promotion Seminar in March/April where the full promotion process will be explained.
 Following the seminar you then decide formally whether you wish to go ahead with your application – this will also include taking a referee multiple choice examination to confirm your knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

Promotion is decided through assessments completed by Cambridgeshire FA County Assessors, attendance at further training events, successful completion of a test on the Laws of the Game and a satisfactory average club mark achieved in at least 20 matches of open age competitive football during the marking period. you will also be required to complete a number of appointments as an assistant referee. Other factors including administration and availability are also taken into account.

No there is no cost from promotion but you will need to submit a £20 refundable deposit.

The same criteria apply for promotion to Level 5 with an expected higher level of competency demonstrated within the assessment process. Your personal administration with acceptance of appointments and closing dates when you are not available also assume a much higher importance. You also need to complete a higher number of appointments as a neutral assistant referee in order to gain promotion.


The promotion season commences on1st June to 30th April in the year following.