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Issue 14

This week features comeback week in Europe, The FA’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest course and recruiting for the Cambs FA Council 

Barca V Roma Score

Comeback week

It’s been the week of the comeback in European competitions with both AS Roma and RB Salzburg overturning large first leg deficits.

Roma’s stunning victory over mighty Barcelona made them only the third team ever to overturn a 3-0 loss:

Of course this sparked analysis about whether the domination of Barcelona is now over. With Real Madrid also nearly letting a similar first leg advantage slip against Juventus, and Bayern Munich only scraping past Sevilla in their tie, perhaps this was the week when our game ceased to be quite as predictable as it has been over recent years.

This can only be good for the game. The bigger clubs, both domestically and in Europe, have exerted their financial muscle and in doing so, too many games and even seasons, have become too predictable. We need to get back to a place where a greater number of teams could win the Champions League.

It will be a boost for the game if Liverpool or Roma can win it this year, and while neither are exactly minnows, they have been way off the pace now for a decade or more.

Sport has to be unpredictable to keep its attraction and integrity, and these achievements are much needed. This angle is slightly tainted by the fact that RB Salzburg’s success this week is founded on huge investment by their owners. On the other hand both Man City and RB Leipzig, along with Barcelona, showed that the game can still, reassuringly, throw up surprises.  

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Module

Course for Sudden Cardiac Arrest launched

Cambridgeshire FA is promoting The FA’s new online course on how to deal with Sudden Cardiac Arrest this week:

The course is free, online and takes just an hour to work through. Given the tragic consequences of the condition, to my mind it is worth an hour of everyone’s time to raise their awareness of what to do if faced with this situation. 

Dr Lisa Hodgson, The FA's medical education lead sums it up perfectly by saying:

“Everyone should be taught these lifesaving skills in all walks of life, not just in sport and we hope that this module helps to do just that.”

If anyone would like to have a go and feedback to us, we’d love to know how you got on. Email us at

Recruiting for Council

I’ve written about our Cambridgeshire FA Council reforms this season, and the hunt is now on for individuals who can help shape our game for the future.

Nominations are open, and there a number of categories available for people to get involved in. The full details of how the process works, including how to submit a nomination, can be found on our website:

It’s vital that we attract new people who are actively involved in the game to ensure we can serve the game’s needs both now and in the future.

Email your nomination to, or give us a call if you’d like more information.

Until next time.