Why Should You Affiliate To Cambridgeshire FA? We are your governing body for football. We are here to: run the game; help you develop your club; provide you and your members with opportunities to participate; recruit and train referees; organise insurance; facilitate/negotiate other services for your benefit (e.g. grants, special offers, etc).

For a full list of affiliation benefits, please click here.  Please be aware there are a few changes to the process this time, so please read this page carefully before you start...

Affiliation Now OPEN for 2016-17
This is an ONLINE process via the ‘Whole Game System’.  Last season 75% of our clubs used online affiliation.  This year we are aiming for 100% in order to simplify your workload and save your time and money.  For assistance with WGS, there is a Guidance Video here.  Please contact us immediately if this presents any difficulty for you.

Before You Affiliate:
1. Please clear any outstanding payments – e.g. fees or discipline – due to Cambridgeshire FA before you complete the affiliation process.
2. Clubs with youth teams: please make sure all your managers/coaches have an in-date FA CRC check and an in-date FA Safeguarding Children certificate.
3. Please note that it is also mandatory for all Cambridgeshire clubs to purchase Personal Accident Insurance for all their teams before affiliation.

To Affiliate Online:
1. You will need your FAN number and password to access the Secretary’s Portal.
2. Go to, open your ‘Club Secretary’ tab and you should see the ‘Affiliation Available’ button on the left hand side.
3. Access your club details; edit your officials, teams, managers & coaches; order public liability insurance; enter County Cups; and submit application for approval.
4. We will then check your entries and issue an invoice which you can then pay either online or by any other method you choose (within 14 days please).
5. You will receive your affiliation number with your receipt. 

Insurance: Personal Accident
It is mandatory for all Cambridgeshire clubs to purchase Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) in addition to the Public Liability Insurance that you order through us.  We recommend Bluefin Insurance for the PAI and you can find a Club Insurance Guidance Note in the Documents section below.

Insurance: Public Liability
Public Liability Insurance is something you purchase through Cambridgeshire FA as part of your affiliation application.  You can find our Evidence of Cover and our 'CountycoverPlus' brochure in the Documents section below.

Clubs With Different Sections
Clubs with more than one section (e.g. adult male, women, youth, veterans) can affiliate as one club.  If your club is planning to do this for the first time in 2016-17, please contact our Football Development team for guidance:  Joanne Bull 01223 209035  or Katie Critchley 01223 209037 or Ashley Dean 01223 209034 or Chris Abbott 01223 209038

Clubs With Youth Teams:  Certification of Managers/Coaches
All managers and coaches of youth teams must have in-date FA Safeguarding Children certificates and FA CRC checks before affiliation can be completed.  The FA will allow no leeway on this.  If individuals need fresh certificates, please ensure they attend the necessary course and/or complete the necessary paperwork before you affiliate.

Clubs With Youth Teams:  Categories of Football
One of the entries in the Team section of your affiliation form is Category of football.  Please enter your teams as follows:
            Format                                                       Category
            All ages/formats up to Under 10                   Mini Soccer
            9v9                                                              9v9
            11v11                                                          11v11

County Cups
All affiliated clubs must compete in one of the county cup competitions provided there is a suitable competition available.  See Documents section below for guidance on entering county cups.

Your deadline for affiliating your club is 1st July 2016, after which, you may incur a late affiliation fee.  The reason for the deadline is (a) to enable leagues to form their divisions based on accurate membership data; and (b) to enable the County FA to complete all necessary checks and authorisation before teams begin playing matches.

The final part of the affiliation process is to send in a copy of your Annual Accounts by 1st September 2015.  You will receive a reminder for this and it can be done by email.  You can also find a simple Accounts Template in the Documents section below.

Remember there is a guidance video available.  However, if you require any advice regarding affiliation, you can telephone this office on 01223 209020 or make an appointment to call in during normal working hours for assistance.  We are also offering late office opening hours – to 7.00pm – on Mondays 16th May, 23rd May, 6th June & 13th June.  Please feel free to visit us to get help with affiliation…  please just call first to let us know you’re coming.

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