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Welcome to the Rules & Regulations section of, where you will find useful information relating to the running of the game.

Read our key guidance below for more information on the following areas; Sine Die Suspensions, FA Pitch & Goalpost Dimensions. International Clearance and Playing Against Foreign Opposition.

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A player is placed under Sine Die suspension when they owe money to either the Hertfordshire FA or to a League or Club that has used the Debt Recovery Scheme.

Before signing a player it is essential that you check to ensure that they are not under any form of suspension. A player under Sine Die suspension is prevented from taking part in any form of football activity.

Any player under Sine Die suspension can have their suspension lifted immediately on payment of the outstanding debt.

International Clearance For Players

Did you know that International Clearance is required by all players aged over 10 when moving across borders to play Football? Here are some helpful tips to ask when signing players for your club:

  • Make sure you ask your players if they have ever played outside of England before you register them.
  • If they have played abroad, then make sure you complete the International Clearance Request Form and send it direct to
  • Don’t play the player concerned until you have received clearance from the FA. The FA will try and action your request as soon as possible.

Download International Clearance Application Form

International Clearance Guidance Notes

US Soccer Federation International Guidance Notes



Every year Clubs go on tours across the World. Prior to going on such a tour a Club should gain permission from the FA to play against foreign opposition

Playing against foreign clubs application form


fa guide to pitch sizes

Download The FA's handy guide to pitch sizes for information on the following formats:

  • Mini Soccer (5V5 & 7V7)
  • 9V9 Football
  • Youth Football
  • Adult Football
  • Football Pyramid (Steps 1-7)

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