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Debt Recovery

Sadly every season some players leave clubs without paying their debts

The leaves some clubs either unable to pay debts to leagues, or to fold owing money.

The Cambridgeshire FA debt recovery scheme is the clubs’ and leagues’ opportunity to try to recover money owed by players. All affiliated clubs and leagues may ask us to issue a Sine Die Suspension against individuals that owe them money.

Please follow the process below when making an application to this scheme.If you wish to make an application to the debt recovery scheme please complete the Debt Recovery Scheme Application Form which can be downloaded below.

commencing a claim


  • In the first instance, an Alleged Creditor must take reasonable steps to recover a Football Debt, including the serving of a Formal Request on the Alleged Debtor.
  • If a Football Debt has not been recovered within 28 days of the date of the Formal Request, the Alleged Creditor may submit a Notice of Claim, provided this is done prior to the Deadline.
  • In order for a Notice of Claim to be valid, an Alleged Creditor must:
    (i) include all relevant details about the Football Debt(s) which is the subject of the claim and the manner in which it is alleged to have arisen and what steps have been taken to recover it;
    (ii) provide a copy of the Formal Request and;
    (iii) provide the full name, last known address and date of birth of the Alleged Debtor (if known);
    (iv) pay an administration fee of £25 in respect of each Football Debt detailed in the Claim at the same time as filing the Notice of Claim. This fee may be added to the total debt claimed from the Alleged Debtor.
  • Upon receipt of a valid Notice of Claim, the Affiliated Association shall take steps to verify whether the Football Debt(s) is payable by the Alleged Debtor to the Alleged Creditor. The Affiliated Association shall provide a Notification to the Alleged Creditor and Alleged Debtor within 21 days of receipt of the Notice of Claim

Download the debt recovery regulations & application forms below.

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