Cambridgeshire FA Cambs Fives

Winner of Cambs Fives announced

Congratulations Borussia Monchenflapjack

Congratulations to Borussia Monchenflapjack for winning the Inaugural Cambs Fives’ Championship.

The league winner was decided in the final week thanks to Bottisham Reds challenging until the last opportunity.

C Borussia Monchenflapjack 12 9 0 3 24 30
2 Bottisham Veterans Red 12 7 2 3 32 28
3 Dint FC 12 7 0 5 17 26
4 Exning Veterans 12 6 2 4 14 26
5 Prisoners of Swazkiban 12 4 3 5 -6 23
6 Bulbeck FC 12 3 3 6 3 21
7 Bottisham Veterans Black 12 1 0 11 -84 14

It was gratifying to see how competitive the league was given the mix of newly formed, young and veteran based teams. Four teams ended within just 4 points of the Top! Everyone involved has improved their fitness (and health) since we began back in July! The standard of football has also progressed as demonstrated by some of the finishing in the very last game of the season – a 7-7 thriller (Bulbeck v Prisoners).

Discipline has been very good with some great examples of sportsmanship on show; thank-you to you team captains for this. Thank-you also to the referees involved who have done a great job in officiating throughout.

There is just a short break now before the New Winter League begins on 7th December. This will also include a new ‘Champions League’ based Cup competition as well as the League.

If you're interested in entering a team in the Winter League please email for more information.