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Press Release: Cambridgeshire FA Council Reforms

Cambridgeshire FA approves transformational reforms to its Council

On Monday 29th January, the Council of the Cambridgeshire FA (CFA) approved reforms designed to transform the membership of its Council to better reflect and represent football in the county, both now and in the future.

CFA Chief Executive, Chris Pringle, said: ‘I am delighted that Council has supported the proposals to widen representation. By moving from District and League Representatives to a process where formats & categories of football have elected representatives, we hope to ensure that the whole game in our county has a clear voice and stake in how the game is run.’

The reforms will need to be ratified at an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) in March 2018, and the process of attracting and electing new members will begin in April.

The newly constituted Cambs FA Council will take effect from June 2018.

CFA Chair, Roger Pawley, added: ‘We have already been involving new independent people on our Committees to help us make the best decisions for football. We hope that many more individuals will come forward in this way, and that a number of these may be interested in becoming a Council Member to represent the part of the game that that they are actively involved in.’

The following formats and categories will form the basis for elected members:

- Mini Soccer

- Youth Male

- Adult Male

- Youth Female

- Adult Female

- Disability

CFA Vice Chair, Phil Hill added: ‘In addition to the format reps, we’ll be ensuring that coaches, education, facilities, referees and wider stakeholders such as business & health also are given the opportunity to be represented on our Council.’

These reforms are integral to the Cambridgeshire FA’s desire to achieve the Sport England Code of Governance.

For further information please contact:
Martha Sutherland