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Cambridge United Sport in the Community Awards

In a sporting year of many achievements, some notable accomplishments can be missed from the wider public view.

That should never be the case, so the return of the Cambridge United Sport in the Community Awards aims to correct any such anomalies that may have occurred.

In partnership with the Cambridge Independent, the awards seek to bring to the forefront all the hard work done behind the scenes, as well as some of the successes.

No sport is too big or too small, it is community involvement that matters most.

Goalball, korfball, handball, football, whatever the discipline there are heroes and heroines on the courts and pitches, and just as many making sure that participation is possible.

Have you been making a racket on the squash, tennis or badminton courts? Or are keen to see the aces rewarded for making play possible?

Results are not all, it is involvement that is crucial so maybe you are the unsung star in a team sport or going it alone with the help of a coach in a solo discipline.

The awards seek to recognise not just the achievements but also celebrate the benefits of sport participation and the efforts of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire people and organisations in facilitating sporting opportunities for the community.

Each month, a star, champion, team, coach and school of the month will be selected to acknowledge their impact on sport in the region in the last 12 months.

The star of the month is about performance, reaching the top of a chosen discipline, be it at club, county, national or international level.

Champion of the month will be awarded to the individual making a significant contribution to their sport in the community; doing the work that is so vital but is so seldom seen or recognised on a wider scale.

Coach of the month seeks to find that person who has had a big impact in developing and encouraging involvement in sport, making a difference to those they are instructing.

As for team of the month, it is all about gains. Maybe you have lifted titles, or maybe you have just seen growth and development, earning that first win after years of searching or just growing the numbers by making sport fun for all.

And we are looking for the school of the month that has made a difference to how youngsters use and see sport, whether it be through participation or achievement, no matter how big or small.

The Cambridge United Sport in the Community Awards aim not to celebrate a great result or an individual piece of sporting brilliance, but highlight some of the work that often goes relatively unnoticed, but is so important in making sport a positive force in people’s lives.

Ben Szreter, the chief executive officer of Cambridge United Community Trust, said: “We’re excited to once again work with Cambridge Independent to recognise sporting excellence throughout Cambridgeshire in terms of ability and effort as well as community contribution.

“It’s inspiring to get a sense of the amazing community sport work taking place throughout our region and we hope to be able to recognise as many key contributions as possible.”

A gala dinner will be held at Cambridge United in May to celebrate the achievements of sport in the community in the last year, and the winners of the monthly awards will be in contention to win an overall award.

And you can nominate individuals, teams and schools for the monthly awards by completing the form using the following link - 

All they require is a brief description as to why the candidate deserves the award for their impact on sport in the community.

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