Cambs FA

Cambs FA Council reforms nearing completion

First meeting held Monday 25th June

On Monday 25th June, the first Cambridgeshire FA (CFA) Council Meeting of the 18-19 season will take place.

This is a big moment for the CFA, as it will be the first time the newly reformed Council meets. The CFA has reformed its governance structure to ensure that the Council better represents the game’s wide and varied stakeholders.

CFA Chair, Roger Pawley said: ‘It has been a major task to get to the point where our Council meets the needs of the game today. I’m looking forward to seeing the contribution that our new members can make in providing an insight into the challenges faced by such a side variety of participants in so many different roles and formats of the game.’

Phil Hill, who has lead the project for the CFA, added: ‘There have been 2 distinct phases to the project, starting with the reforms themselves, which were instigated by our existing Council, followed by the task to attract and elect new members based on formats of the game rather than districts. We are delighted by how it has gone, and provides a perfect platform for closer links with the whole game both now and in the future.’

Chris Pringle, CFA CEO added: ‘I hope that this marks the beginning of the project rather than the end, as the key is to ensure that the individuals who have come forward to represent their categories are able to feed in fresh ideas that will be implemented to improve everyone’s experience of football. We are seeing really positive interest in the game through England’s good start at the World Cup, so it’s imperative that we build on this and empower our new Reps to make a real difference.’