New home for The FA Superkicks

Launch of The FA SuperKicks Hub

All of the SuperKicks challenges will now be even easier to access for all, across all devices, at any time on the new SuperKicks hub.

As a reminder, The FA Superkicks is a hub of football related challenge videos for children age 5-11 year’s old. It’s designed to increase active participation in football and makes better use of their screen time.

The hub includes 100s of exciting active and creative challenges at home with varying levels of difficulty. Activities are developed by FA Coaches aligned with the England DNA.

It supports the club football experience; children can practice their skills at home and learn new ones in between training & matches. And for parents/carers, they get to brush up on their football skills and be involved in their children’s football journey.

After listening to feedback from users of the SuperKicks app across IOS and Amazon, we will be closing the app on Monday 7 September and making the amazing SuperKicks challenges more accessible.

The hub will give parents and children access to 100s of SuperKicks challenges helping you to play football, learn new skills and improve your football knowledge in a fun and easy way.

In the meantime, check out England Lionesses legend Faye White try out the Mirror Mirror challenge with her son below

Visit The Superkicks Hub