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1884 Business Club 3B Data Security

Welcome to the Cambridgeshire FA 1884 Business Club, 3B Data Security!

Cambridgeshire FA strives to highlight the members of our 1884 Business Club

Today, we are highlighting our latest partner – 3B Data Security. 

3B Data Security are Cyber Security specialists, working with clients to ensure their IT and information systems are secure against a cyber-attack. They offer a wide range of services, such as proactive security assessments, Microsoft 365 security reviews, digital forensics & incident response investigations, penetration testing, information security assistance and on-call managed security retainers. 

3B Data Security also deliver cyber security training and bespoke cyber related training courses to all types of organisations and individuals to help keep them secure against the evolving cyber threats we see today.

The company are heavily involved in football both in Cambridgeshire and further afield, as they are founding members of the Cambridge United 100 Club and regional partners of Norwich City Football Club.

Benn Morris, Managing Director of 3B Data Security is excited to join the 1884 Networking Club: “Myself and 3B Data Security are looking forward to helping grassroots football on the pitch and helping to protect the data, system and the associated partners off the pitch also.”

Ruben Costa, Commercial and Partnerships Officer at Cambridgeshire FA, added: “Cambridgeshire FA is thrilled to welcome Benn and the 3B Data Security team to the 1884 Business Club.  

“We hope that this partnership highlights the importance of cyber security in football, particularly in regard to safeguarding, but also to the wider community.”

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