Let Us Play

Let Us Play Weekend - 23 September 2023

We’re asking coaches, parents and spectators to be seated at youth football for our Let Us Play weekend.

On Saturday 23 September, Cambridgeshire FA is asking all coaches, parents and spectators to be seated at youth football, to stop the verbal abuse young players and referees experience at football.

During the 2021/22 season, Cambridgeshire FA noticed an increase in the amount of poor practice and verbal abuse cases in youth football.

As a result, we asked our young players how they felt about their football experience. What they said was: “Let us play.”

While the vast majority of youth football takes place in a great environment, Cambridgeshire FA is committed to ensuring the football environment for young people is a positive one.

Thanks to Front Foot Creative Limited for their production of this video.

Using our platform to raise awareness of the concerns of young people, Cambridgeshire FA launched Let Us Play in 2022. Last season, we saw a 32% reduction in misconduct cases relating to youth teams, compared to the previous campaign. It was a welcome move in the right direction to create fantastic environments at grassroots football.

We thank everyone for their efforts to make football in Cambridgeshire fun and inclusive.

Without the help of our incredible volunteers, this would not have been possible.

Children also pass on their thanks, in making sure they enjoy their football and continue playing and refereeing the beautiful game for years to come.

Please click here to let us know if your team is taking part