Walking football is a popular, and growing, format of the game

Walking Football

It's never too late to get back into football

Think it's time to hang up your boots? Think again!

Walking football is a slower paced version of the beautiful game introduced to encourage older adults to continue playing football.

The game comprises of the same rules as standard football except that players are not allowed to run. This makes the game much more focused on the technical elements of the game such as accurate passing and good tactics and less reliant on physical elements such as speed and stamina. These small changes make it  slower paced and accessible to all regardless of age, health and ability.

This format of football is aimed at keeping players aged 50+ involved in the game for a longer time.

Walking football in cambridgEshire

Chatteris & March Sessions
  • Chatteris sessions start at 10.00am every Monday. Venue: Chatteris Town FC, 52-54 West Street, Chatteris, PE16 6HW.
  • March sessions start at 10.00am every Wednesday. Venue: Elm Road Sports Field, March, PE15 0BH.

After the game, players have a hot drink and biscuits together with lots of chat. Sessions cost £2.

"We do not enter competitions as we focus on fun, enjoyment and being inclusive for everyone. Four touches are allowed before another player must touch the ball in order to make passing a vital element and players not so mobile can be an intergral part of the team. Teams are selected on the day.

"We maintain contact with 'Active Fenland', where we have support for First Aid courses, etc. We are self-supporting and receive no outside funds except our honesty box where attendees are asked for £2.  We have a strong core group of people who attend and we are financially viable for the future. We also have other events such as trips, get-togethers and special sessions such as Fish & Chips supper."


Stepping Out

The FA's plans to support the growth of men's and women's walking football.

Other Ways to Play