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Youth football in Cambridgeshire

There has never been a more exciting time to get into children's football.

Small-sided formats such as 4v4 and 5v5 are at the forefront of delivery within our youth leagues as the Youth Development Review takes shape, and the future of the game is designed to increase the number of touches of the ball, develop confidence and skill in 1v1 situations while assissting with the long term player development of young footballers in this country.

The FA - Youth Football Guide

Youth Football Guide

We can all help children enjoy football more by creating the right environment. That is why The FA has produced an easy-to-follow guide to help improve the matchday experience for younger players.

From introducing codes of conduct to simply providing refreshments, the guide offers plenty of tips to help every volunteer, coach or manager of a grassroots youth team.

There has never been as many youth teams (over 62,000) playing across the country and we can all do our bit to ensure our young players stay in love with the game.

The Mini-Soccer and Youth Futsal Handbook

"We all want children to enjoy playing and fall in love with football from an early age. Mini- Soccer and Futsal are both designed to allow children to do just that. They both have a key role to play in the development of young players in the Foundation Phase. We want to create an environment that is exciting, memorable and one that keeps children coming back. We ask all coaches to see them as children first, rather than kids who might be good at football. These games have to have laws of course, but the overriding message for us all is to make it fun and enjoyable.”
Peter Sturgess
FA National Lead Coach

Mini Soccer and Youth Futsal handbook
Reporting Concerns


If you feel that an adult connected to your league or club (e.g. a referee, coach or a volunteer) is mistreating someone under the age of 18, there are various confidential ways you can report this.

By ‘mistreating’, we mean behaving towards under-18s in a physical or verbal way you believe is threatening or makes the young person feel scared or bad.

Find out more and watch a short film The FA has produced explaining how to report your concerns. Of course, everything is completely confidential.