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Cambridgeshire FA are here to support our referees in achieving their aspirations within refereeing. Whether this be to become a County Level Referee or to officiate on the professional stage. Cambs FA are responsible for promotion from Level 7 - 6, Level 6 - 5 and Level 5 - 4 on the male pathway and Level 4W - 3W and Level 3W - 2W on the female pathway, as well as the newly launched Y1 to Y2 progression scheme for youth referees (Under 16's) 

The promotion scheme for 2022/2022 operates from 1st August 2022 to 30th April 2023 with information on the criteria available below. All games at Level 7 to 5 must be 9v9 or 11v11 football with offsides in operation 

 Further information, along with greater detail, is available in the Referee Progression Pathway Pack below.



progression packs

Referee Progression Pack - 2022/2023

Level Y1 to Level Y2 Progression Pack

Level 7 to 5 Progression Pack

Level 6 to 5 Progression Pack

Level 5 to 4 Progression Pack

Level 4W to Level 3W Progression Pack

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