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Report It - Discrimination

Football Is a game for everyone

There is no place for discrimination in the game or in society.

Cambridgeshire FA is committed to tackling discriminatory behavior in grassroots football. We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses discrimination to report it.

Tell us, we'll tackle it

 You can make Cambridgeshire FA aware of Discriminatory language and/or behaviour in two ways:

1. Online FA form (Click Here)

2. Email (discipline@


Tell Us We'll Tackle It

If you’ve been the victim or witnessed discrimination at any level recently, you can tell us about it by filling in our easy to complete online form.

what happens next

1. Report an incident directly to The FA here

2. Central FA team share case with local CFA and oversee process;

3. CFA investigation takes place evidence reviewed and charge determined;

4. If charged, the case is reviewed by disciplinary commission;

5. Disciplinary commission reviews the case and it is either proved or not proved;

6. Any outcome would be subject to appeal;

7. We’ll tackle it.

tell us we'll tackle it