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Report It - Discrimination

Football Is a game for everyone

There is no place for discrimination in the game or in society.

Together, The FA and Cambridgeshire FA are committed to providing a football experience that is inclusive for all who wish to play, coach, officiate, administer, support or be involved in any role in the beautiful game.

We strive to ensure an experience that is reflective of Cambridgeshire's diverse communities, that is safe for all and free from abuse and discrimination.

Instilling confidence in reporting discrimination is a key goal of our collective inclusion and anti-discrimination work across the game.

When any incident of discriminatory behaviour takes place, those who witness it – or are the victim of it – need to be able to report it quickly, and to the right people. 

The reporting process aims to be easy and confidential. Those who make reports can be confident that their concerns or experiences will be heard and, where necessary, dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Tell us, we'll tackle it.


We recognise that there is under-reporting of incidents of discrimination in the game and we encourage those who feel that they have been discriminated against to report their concerns.

Should you wish to report an incident of discrimination at level Step 5 and below, in the first instance, please contact us via email, telephone or completing The FA Report Form.

Email Cambs FA

Reporting Discrimination FORM

You can also download Kick It Out’s app, which allows you to report confidentially using film and video. In addition, Kick It Out employs a dedicated Reporting Officer, funded by The FA, whose role it is to support and monitor incidents across the game and liaise regularly with The FA, the Leagues, CFAs and clubs as well as civil bodies. You can also report concerns directly to Kick It Out via

what happens next


1. Report an incident directly to The FA here

2. Central FA team share case with local CFA and oversee process;

3. CFA investigation takes place evidence reviewed and charge determined;

4. If charged, the case is reviewed by disciplinary commission;

5. Disciplinary commission reviews the case and it is either proved or not proved;

6. Any outcome would be subject to appeal;

7. We’ll tackle it.


tell us we'll tackle it